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Our History

Ambrose the Printer in 1908.
Ambrose the Printer originated in Jacksonville with the great-grandfather of Karl Ambrose. Karl worked in his grandfather’s print shop and later, his father’s shop. The company’s logo, then and now, consists of the letter “A” with a colonial-era man operating a Gutenberg printing press in the center of the “A”. The company color was a dark green, referred to as “Ambrose Green”. Back in the earliest days, in order to work as a salesman for Ambrose the Printer, you had to drive a green car. Mr. Ambrose’s motto was that you could drive whatever color of vehicle you chose, as long as it was green. If yours wasn’t already green, you were required to have it painted!

Ambrose the Printer Today
These days, we don’t require our staff to drive green colored cars, although we are very committed to keeping our operations as environmentally friendly as possible. We use soy-based inks on the presses, recycle all of our printing plates and chemicals, and recommend recycled paper to our customers whenever possible. Ambrose the Printer was reopened in Orlando, by Karl and Dale Ambrose in 1986.